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Atkins at the Royal Society in London

We talked about Anna Atkins just last week in the History of Photography. This Tuesday, which is Photo History day in my world, the online show, Objectivity, visited the Royal Society in London, to look at their copy of Anna Atkins book, Photographs of British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions, created in 1843.

Anna Atkins is considered the first woman photographer, and the first person to publish a book of photographs, although they are actually photograms. Atkins was an English botanist, and knew there was a real need for scientific illustrations of plants. Her books are also considered the first use of photography for scientific illustration.

For my students, William Henry Fox Talbot's book, The Pencil of Nature, is the first commercially published book of photographs. Atkins' books were handmade for her friends and fellow scientists, and truly a labor of love.

Enjoy the video, it is a rare treat to watch Rupert Baker casually flip through the pages. For more info, read this article at Peta Pixel.


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